Inclusion Arts implements projects that collaborate with key artists, designers and other professionals. It undertakes to empower the community contributing to regeneration through the medium of Art. Its primary sets out to incorporate the community around, in all stages, linking art with urban regeneration both physical and social.



​The policies of Inclusion Arts are formulated by a Management Committee. The lead Artist and founder member is Jason Gibilaro who has a successful track record of implementing some 15 Public Art Projects within time and within budget. These include the Loughborough Estate Mural Project - Highly Commended in the 1996 Art and Work Award, organised by the Wapping Art Trust and the Westbury Water Feature -Highly Commended in the 2001 Marsh Fountain Award, organised by the Fountain Society.    


Inclusion Arts sets out


• To constantly review all it policies and to abide by them, giving regard to Equal Opportunity issues, Quality Management, Environmental Aspects, Financial Control and Safeguarding.


• To Risk Assess all Projects before and during execution.


• To Evaluate Projects during execution and after completion so as to develop optimal working practise.


• To consult and empower the community and demystify Art without compromising the professional quality of the final designs.


• To reflect all sections of the community and the cultural diversity of the area.


• To empower all the participants, unlocking their creative potential, and creating a sense of pride for their final results.


• To have all projects completed on time and within budget.


• To contribute in improving the quality of life of an area.




"What I particularly like about the GKS Public Art Project is that it was inter-generational, bringing together diverse groups of people - from the very young school students to elderly residents of the sheltered housing scheme - who might not usually have the opportunity to meet, far less work together on a project such as this."



Keith Hill MP 2005


                      Vitreous enamel


A lot of finale artwork on the larger scale projects is Vitreous Enamel. Vitreous enamel panelling is a contemporary method for the production of images for public and open spaces. It is an attractive medium in its own right and has history going back to the Ancient Egyptians. The GKS Public Art Project was opened by Keith Hill in 2005 was Vitreous Enamel.

As a medium it very suitable for the urban environment both internally and externally. It benefits include it being


• Durable with colour fade practically zero.

• Resistant to Vandalism

• Ideal for the Urban Environment

• Favoured by architects and design engineers.

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