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Creativity in Community Sharing 2019

Inclusion Arts has developed the Community in Community Sharing project in the vicinity of the Stockwell Park Estate collaborating with Lambeth Vocational Services, Community Trust and Helmi House extra care scheme.


  • Lambeth Vocational Services, South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust. Support people 18-65 with mental health issues to become more included in the community.


  • Community Trust based on the Stockwell Park Estate (1500 dwelling). Formed in 1994 as a response to high crime, a demoralised and de-motivated community. 

  • Helmi House extra care scheme (46 flats with onsite carers). Support predominantly older people with mobility issues

All the organisations, including residents and staff, recognise the values of having Art activities that promotes health and wellbeing. The project will continue to raise awareness around nutrition, healthy eating, and community sharing and combating loneliness and isolation that can contribute to poor physical and mental health.

The workshop programme has now been completed.

Community Trust Art Exhibition

An exhibition was held at the Community Trust resulting from the Artwork produced at the workshops.