Inclusion Arts aims to be artistically ground breaking and inclusive. Jason Gibilaro has a background in project managing highly successful Award Winning Public Art Projects both as an individual and previously as one of the Public Works Arts Group of which he was a founder member. Inclusion Arts aims to collaborate with various artist who share the simular vision, welcoming their input and new ideas.  


Workshop Program 



The Workshop Program is paramount to all of Inclusion Arts projects. It one of the main outputs involved that shape and have influence on the final outcome.


Image on left: Workshops during the B OUR GUEST Project

Unlocking creative potential



The Workshop Program is an essential feature all of Inclusion Arts projects, shaping and influencing the final outcome.


Image on left: Workshops at the GKS Public Art Project 

Strength in Diversity



All projects aim to represent the cultural diversity of an area and be intergenerational. Some have involved disability organisations and various mental health initiatives are currently under consideration.



Jason Gibilaro has also worked with 17-24-30 No Hate Crime Organisation in setting up a School Educational Project to tackle Hate crime at an early age.


Image on the left: Workshops during the GKS Public Art Project

Creating a sense of pride 



Participants are encouraged to empower themselves and up their self-esteem. Through the workshop program participants are encouraged to achieve their maximum potential. When the final results can be seen contributing  to a Public Art installation the this can create a new sense of pride for both the participants and the area. The majority of past projects has been areas of high social exclusion  and have suffered virtually no degree of vandalism which has been a testament to this approach.  

Image on left: Workshops on the Loughborough Estate

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