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Empowerment through Creativity
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Inclusion Arts sets out to:

  • ​Empower all sections of the community.

  •  Collaborate with different artists, designers and other professionals.

  • Unlock creative potential for all participants.

  • Create a sense of pride for all workshop participants

  • Contribute in improving the quality of life of an area and create a sense of wellbeing.   



Watercolour workshop on Loughborough Estate 2012


Inclusion arts promotes both large and small scale projects, many of them intergenerational, bringing together different sections of the community that do not usually mix.

T Shirt Project on Loughborough Estate 2013

Tessa Jowell MP being presented with a T Shirt at the Loughborough Estate Tenants and Residents Association General Meeting, 26 November 2013. It was designed by children from the Loughborough Estate. Project funded by the London Community Foundation. 

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