Inclusion Arts Creativity in Dental Health Project

The project started in January  2020 with a series of weekly creative workshops at the Max Roach Centre.  Promoting Oral Health, through creative means, for children 0-3, demonstrating how tooth decay is largely preventable.

The project was funded Lambeth Early Action Partnership (LEAP)  Community Award. There was regular liaison with with Oral Health Promoter for LEAP following their programme in raising awareness of Oral Health for children 0-3.

Workshop at the Max Roach Centre
Workshop at the Max Roach Centre

There were visual displays giving information on oral health for children 0-3 years during the workshops and also provide resource for the activities.

Designs from the workshops will be used to produce 500 unique credit card 12 panel information leaflet displaying information and guidance to support better oral health for 0-3 year old; showing how early intervention and preventative measures reduces the longer term outcomes of poor oral hygiene. It will show simple straight forward new good oral hygiene strategies can be implemented in a fun and interesting way.

Creativity in Dental Health information leaflet from designs from the workshops. Click on image above to view slides.
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