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Creativity in Dental Health Project

Inclusion Arts - Workshops artwork
Inclusion Arts - Workshops artwork.jpg
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The project officially started in February 2020, with an introduction workshop in January 2020, with a series of weekly creative workshops at the Max Roach Centre.  Promoting Oral Health, through creative means, for children 0-3, demonstrating how tooth decay is largely preventable. Fortunately the workshops, with face to face communication, were completed just before the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Tooth decay is largely preventable yet it remains a serious problem. Public Health England data shows that in 2015-2016 tooth decay was responsible for the sixth most common procedure in hospital for children aged 4 years and under, usually requiring general anaesthesia. Children who have toothache. or who need treatment, may have pain, infections and difficulties with eating, sleeping and socialising. They may have to be absent from school and parents may also have to take time off work to take their children to a dentist or to hospital. Treatment required may have permanent detrimental effect on the developing adult teeth. Oral health is therefore an important aspect of a child’s overall health status and to children’s school readiness, and is seen as a marker of wider health and social care issues including poor nutrition and obesity. Tooth decay and obesity may be more likely to occur together given that excessive intake of sugar and social deprivation are risk factors for both conditions. Despite being largely preventable, dental disease places significant costs on the NHS. The majority of these were for tooth decay.

The project was funded Lambeth Early Action Partnership (LEAP)  Community Award. Jason Gibilaro facilitated the art workshops and liaised with with Oral Health Promoter for LEAP (seconded Community Special Care Dentistry, Kings College Hospital).  There were visual displays with information on Oral Health for children 0-3, during the workshops, which also provided resource material for the workshop participants activities.

Workshop participants included parents/carers, staff (LEAP and Max Roach) and children 0-3.


Inclusion Arts - Creativity in Dental He
Workshop at the Max Roach Centre
Inclusion Arts - Creativity in Dental He
Workshop at the Max Roach Centre

There were visual displays giving information on oral health for children 0-3 years during the workshops and also provide resource for the activities.

Inclusion Arts - Workshops displays II.j
Inclusion Arts - Workshops displays.jpg

Designs from the workshops were used to create 500 unique foldout credit card size information leaflet displaying information and guidance to support better oral health for 0-3 year old.


Showing how 

  • early intervention and preventative measures reduces the longer term outcomes of poor oral hygiene.

  • simple straight forward good oral hygiene strategies can be implemented in a fun and interesting way.

The Design and Layout was done by Jason Gibilaro with information text by Claire Benzies the LEAP Oral Health Promoter.

The key areas that were covered around Oral Health for Children 0-3 included

  • Teeth Cleaning

  • Access to Dental Care

  • Visits to the Dentist

  • Nutrition

  • Teething

  • Teething rings

  • Bottles and Cups

  • Dummies

Creativity in Dental Health leaflet IV.j

This project aimed to demonstrate how creative activities can contribute in raising awareness to a national concern.


The Creativity in Dental Health leaflet has been used for many activities, events and creative interest including


  • The Max Roach Centre which has strong links within the immediate community and activity support creative initiatives that promote Health and Wellbeing has included in the welcome pack for parents and carers  . 

  • They were used for a part of the LEAP SugarSmart event they organized in September 2020. 

  • Delivered to the Community Trust on Stockwell Park Estate to give to their users.

  • Put on display on the 6th floor International House, Community Initiatives where local charities, non profits and social enterprises. Organisations are based that deliver programs which directly benefit Lambeth Residents. 

  • Delivered to the Community Special Care Dentistry Department, Kings College Hospital for community outreach work.

  • Organisations that have shown interest and support resulting in ongoing communications have included Tate Modern  Regeneration & Community Partnerships, London Arts in Health Forum and Cultural, Health and Wellbeing Alliance.

  • Discussions have been underway with Max Roach Centre  and LEAP about putting up an exhibition display to tie in with the an official launch. This has been delayed because of the Coronavirus Pandemic and hopefully it will be able to happen sometime 2021.

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Teething revisited RV.jpg
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