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Jubilee Bunting Project 22/23

The Queens platinum Jubilee was an opportunity for Inclusion Arts to relaunch its activities in the Brixton North area over a 12 month period with the Jubilee Bunting Project funded by the Community Fund.

Participating stakeholders within the vicinity of the Stockwell Park Estate included,

  • Lambeth Vocational Services, South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust. Support people 18-65 with mental health issues to become more included in the community.  

  • Community Trust based on the Stockwell Park Estate (1500 dwelling). Formed in 1994 as a response to high crime, a demoralised and de-motivated community. 

  • Helmi House extra care scheme (46 flats with onsite carers). Support predominantly older people with mobility issues

They had all collaborated with in Inclusion Arts during the Creativity and Community Sharing Project 2019/20, All have been severely impacted by the pandemic and welcomed the project as a way in starting activities again


Activities were divided into 2 phases, with a total of 20 half day creative workshops.

Phase 1 focused on the Big Jubilee with designs from the first workshops being transferred onto professional bunting displayed in each location.

Phase 2 focused on creating a lasting impact beyond the Jubilee reflecting each organisation the program of activities/events. This included a series of glass painting workshops at Stockwell Park Community Trust. There was a theme

around food and community sharing.

In total there were 20 half day creative workshops with designs from  resulting from the workshops transferred onto customised bunting as a part of the Jubilee.


Helmi Jubilee Bunting Workshop I.jpg
Platinum Jubilee Event at Stockwell Park Community Trust Sunday 5 June 2022
Visit to Horniman Museum and Gardens

There was collaboration with Community Engagement department of the Horniman Museum and Gardens resulting in a coach trip to the Horniman Museum. For the residents of Helmi House this was the first trip since the pandemic.


Brixton Art Prize

The Brixton Art Prize support for local community-based art projects resulted in the Bunting produced from designs from the workshop held at 3 Space International House included in the Brixton Art Prize Exhibition and Award Ceremony held at the Department Store exhibition space in July 2022. 

Phase II

Phase II began with a creation of a Jubilee Bunting that represented all the stakeholders that had  participated in the design workshops and a testament to the whole project. This was delivered to each group to install. The Lambeth Vocational Services - South London Maudsley had it installed to tie in with the visit from the Chair of  South London Maudsley.

Glass Painting


The aim of the workshop programme during the Phase II was to develop a more sustainable footing and lasting impact that went beyond the Jubilee. This included a series of Glass Painting workshops at Stockwell Park Community Trust coinciding with their Food Bank distribution. This offered the opportunity to develop a theme around food and community sharing that tied in with Stockwell Park Community Trust program of activities and events.

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