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Creativity in Wellbeing 2016

Inclusion Arts was successful in their Big Lottery Application to Awards for All. The project is titled Creativity in Wellbeing. 


This will be used to deliver creative practical educational workshops with a theme centred on local food growing and healthy eating. The project aims to promote this, through creative means, to members of the community, particularly those at risk of obesity and ill health.


This will encourage beneficiaries to eat more healthily, be more active and adopt life styles that will improve their Health and Wellbeing.




Big Lottery Awards for All - Creativity in Wellbeing






The activities will happen over a 6 month period, incorporating Food Growing and Nutrition through creative means all relating to the local Food Growing schemes. The workshops would take place on the Loughborough Estate in Brixton, Loughborough Farm, Max Roach Adventure Playground and the Golden Age Club, for the Elderly Residents on the Moorlands Estate.  There will be a Public Health Nutritionist advising on recipes for healthy eating and participating in some of the workshops. Gardeners working on schemes would also make a contribution to the workshops and be advising on the best food that can be grown locally.


Recipe Cards

Designs from the creative workshops will be reproduced onto printed recipe cards, leaflets and posters all relating to the local Food Growing produce. This would include sets  printed recipe cards relating to the locally grown food produce for the participants of the workshops and other interested parties. Recipe posters and leaflets from the designs of the workshops will be installed in key locations promoting the local food growing activities.


The final event, to tie in with the launch of the recipe cards and installation of the recipe posters on the sites, would be a food making activity at the Loughborough Centre along with an exhibition of their designs from the workshops. Everyone will be encouraged to exchange stories together around their experience of Health and Wellbeing, to what it means to be part of a community.



The final recipe Cards

Recipes and Designs
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