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Coldharbour Community Challenge 

Workshops and Visits

Jason Gibilaro since 2012 has inplemented three projects in the Loughborough Junction Area funded through the London Community Foundation - Coldharbour Community Challenge Fund. The workshops have taken place on the Loughborough Estate and surrounding areas.


The initial theme of the Project have included

  • Life on the Estate

  • People on the Estate

  • History of the Estate

  • The surrounding areas

  • Promoting and reflecting community wellbeing initiatives.

The Feasting Mouth -Tate Modern 2014





Tate Modern organised a series of curated feasts for a wide variety of groups from across South London that were invited to enjoy stories together.


Activities included bread making as well as making pizza portraits. These events were inspired by lots of different themes from health and wellbeing to what it means to be part of a community.


Loughborough Wellbeing Group and The Golden Age Club came together to share this experience baking bread and making pizza portraits of each other.



Painting farm art and signs - Loughborough Farm 2014


The outdoor painting session to create artwork for the Farm. This included painting vegetables on canvas to be fixed to our growing bags and making simple Farm signs.  


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